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Dating With Natural Hair What Could Go Wrong
Dating With Natural Hair What Could Go Wrong

These are the men who swear they only want to date black and brown women with naturals but they only appreciate naturals with a certain hair texture. All naturals are not the same! We can't all be the love that the media portrays, dating websites and that's what we want when we seek out these superficial qualities. He also hates that she has so many products in the bathroom but he doesn't want to lose his bragging rights amongst his friends or his social media following. This is not being romantic.

Dating and Natural Hair When To Get Comfortable

As I break down the walls of my love and its superficial standards, I can't lose because I will have evolved and so I will have attracted someone who meets me right there where I'm at. He's just waiting for an opportunity to talk to you when you are at your most relaxed so he can ask you the most mundane questions about your hair. He's also the type to ask you all black cultured related questions and wants to discuss racial topics with as he brags how liberal he thinks is. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The only people that backed my natural hair journey were my family.

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My Decision To Big Chop Might Change The Game For My Dating Life

The 3 Types of Men All Black Women With Naturals Will Meet

Acting on eros love first is a desire to want the full package before penetrating the surface. Kiarra is from here, there, everywhere. He's calling you queen and goddess and he goes into telling you how beautiful you are and why he hates weaves.

He's not even interested in helping his woman style her hair or help her wash it. He always looks as if he's in awe and is just seconds away from touching it. Tall, how to unlock like at least six feet. He doesn't even ask you your name or if you are even interested in anything he's talking about because he has already deemed himself your king.

He's amazed and intrigued by your tresses. There is something about sunshine that makes me want to get my hair braided up. That is just a glimpse of the checklist I keep in my mind when keeping my eyes peeled for potential. People see me and they assume all the wrongs things about me because I have locs so I know I'm not the only one this happens to.

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  • We all don't wish to be your earth mother or your black history teacher - we just want to be us, unapologetically.
  • In the era where online dating is the norm and finding a date is just a swipe or like away, naturals are either celebrated or overlooked.
  • While you are happy to be appreciated for who you are naturally, some people seem to have certain preconceived notions on you are as an individual.
  • Basically, I've always said I'm not shallow enough to ignore and resist chemistry simply because I'm not immediately attracted to a person's outward appearance.

Like xoNecole on Facebook. There's an exception to all of this, of course, but we can't all be that. Who was I to write someone off for their hair?


Dating With Natural Hair What Could Go Wrong

The 3 Types of Men All Black Women With Naturals Will Meet

Most of the pictures he takes of her centers her hair. You most likely have your headphones on and are in your own world when this strong smell of frankincense and nag champa oils overwhelms all of your senses. It stopped attracting my type and I started attracting a greater level of authenticity. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

Braids are one of my favorite go-to protective styles and every summer I jump on a different style. Whenever I have an opportunity to level up, I take it, especially in my professional life. However, it's only recently that I've been forced to be a woman of my word and date outside the comfort zone of my list. Most people, myself included, act out of eros or erotic love upon first meeting someone. There's levels to this and this whole time I've been trying to level up without doing the work in between, and doing it backwards at that.

Love Dating Sex Marriage xoMan. John is the regular looking white guy on dating sites, the subway, your local coffee shop or even in your office that always stares at your hair but doesn't say anything. He's telling you why it's important to embrace your natural beauty because black women are the original people. So here's a list of the three types of men I consider natural hair fetishizers.

Dating and Natural Hair When To Get Comfortable

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  1. His pet name for her is usually something that reminds him of her hair.
  2. And when that's not what it is, I'll know and I won't settle because I'll know there are more many more fish in the sea when you dive deeper than the superficial waters I've been living in.
  3. He doesn't ask you anything about you because he's too busy telling you about the type of black women he hates.

Eros love is the superficial stuff, eros demands a physical attraction. He justifies his love for black women by gloating about him loving natural hair but he doesn't appreciate the different textures, styles and versatility natural hair comes in. The Poser just wants to date a natural to brag to his friends that his girlfriend wears her own hair. However, it's agape love that will help you look past the superficial qualities a person has to offer and see their truth alongside your truth.

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He's praising your beauty because you remind him of his favorite neo-soul singer. While he's complimented your hair, he's telling you that you should ditch your makeup because you don't need it. He doesn't like when she covers her hair at night with bonnets, dating online hair caps or scarves but refuses to purchase silk and satin pillowcases.

So fellas, it is possible to compliment us as individuals and our hair without feeling the need to diss other women that aren't naturals. Usually before he asks if he can touch it, he already has his hands centimeters from your crown because he has to satisfy his unseasoned urge to touch your hair. The hair has made me love myself in an agape way that I don't think was present before.

Technically speaking, home is Philly for now. However, with job hopping comes job hunting and job hunting can present its fair share of woes, including unrealistically long interview periods and the disappointment that comes with job rejections. This is what I've come to understand about myself! As a serial job hopper, I am always on the lookout for my next position. He's typically friends with Becky.

Ultimately, you attract what you are and sometimes you attract what you lack. Before Al Gore's Internet became vital, there wasn't a natural hair support community but I am happy there are multiple spaces for black women to occupy now regarding our hair. These might be the worse types out of the bunch. But if you really sit back and think about it, he's absolutely right.

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Not too clingy, but present. This is the highest order of pragmatism. Life Travel Wellness Inspiration Motherhood.

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