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West of Ireland Testimonials for Gerry Waters. Where can I find pet friendly accommodation in Ireland? He has been actively involved in sports all his adult life, having played and coached soccer and more recently cycled the length and breath of Ireland and most of Europe.

Our tour guide, Tommy O'Reilly was terrific. We stopped at some terrific local places as well as the more popular tourist stops which was a nice mix. With Bob, there is no doubt you will have a particularly memorable holiday while visiting Ireland.

Best Group Itinerary in Ireland? Connemara - where the tour busses don't go How do I get around Ireland? No more snow shoveling for us. Hope you have a great trip.

Kathy missed a couple of days due to a really bad cold which we all ended up with except for Dan he said it was the Guiness that kept him healthy. Create a Custom Itinerary. Gerry has lived in the West of Ireland for most of his life. The weather was gorgeous and we didn't pack properly but it was worth the sunny weather.

How do I start to plan my trip to Ireland? Notify me of new posts by email. They provided a detailed itinerary of possible excursions to a variety of haunted castles. Chris, we had a really good time.

Kinsale, Dingle, Killarney and Cork of course! What is there to see and do when driving between Dublin and Galway? He is equally proud of his country and gets particular pleasure when people from other countries appreciate its beauty, charm and rich culture.

Arrived at the Westbury Hotel not expecting to find a room ready, but to our surprise there was one. Seems as though the Philadelphia airport has some difficulty handling luggage.

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Read our community guidelines. Driver Guide Tom hails from Co. There were some very nice folks in that group also. But, to be honest, it can be very time consuming.

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He worked in various jobs in the hotel industry before re-training as a second-level teacher. The Burren, a unique landscape - why visit? Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. Can I use my electrical appliances in Ireland? It would be helpful to know which Castles need to have reservations made in order to tour or the hours they are open for tours.

Feel free to message me for any additional specifics about my experience! If you wish you can use me as a reference anytime!

Mary takes great pride in beef farming alongside her family both in Ireland and in France. Lots to see and do over there.

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Did you find a good driver and was it expensive? Our tours are run by a team of expert chauffeur driver guides that have a fantastic knowlegde of Ireland. Hiring a Driver in Ireland?

Triple accommodations limit choices at many hotels, castles and manor homes as the hotels are not equipped with two beds large enough for three people. Bob is actively involved in Cycling and Hill Walking with his local clubs in the area. We also book the best places to eat, drink and listen to music as well as recommend shopping and hard to find places where clients can enjoy authentic experiences.

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Car hire in Ireland without a credit card? The last time we hired a private driver anywhere in Europe it costs approx. Hire a Driver Guide in Ireland. Does anyone have recommendations for companies to contact to hire a driver for part of the trip? We would love to hire a driver, canon mx360 scan driver such as Gene.

We are a family business with three members of the same family working directly in the business. They did have some suggestions for future travelers though. What is the Best Group Itinerary? Hi Chris - I wasn't sure if Dan had written to you or not, but we had a wonderful vacation.

Wondering if a driver guide in Ireland is right for your family? Our tour guide Dave made is all worth it. There is no way we would have been able to experience so much if we had done a self drive tour. There is no harm using Public transport between main points and local tours from these.

About Private Chauffeur Drivers in Ireland - from Enchanting Ireland

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We made him join us for meals every day as we so enjoyed him company. We did get back safe and sound. The best part is that you are given a daily rate which is split among all travelers in the group, making it very cost effective when you have a small group!

We only had some sprinkles of rain the first couple of days, the rest of the time it was windy and sunny, but I guess we couldn't have everything. Looking forward to hearing from you. Paul has traveled the length and breadth of Ireland with both small and large groups. He loves to attend a good music session or concert.